On War Porn

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I put off completing this post for several months, while wars raged around the globe, and war photographers and journalists were taken hostage in countries like Syria, held for ransom and a few decapitated live on camera. One reason is I felt torn that perhaps I was being too facetious about a matter of life and death. I’ve thought long and hard about it and returned to my original feelings on the matter, which are as follows:


Well, there I go again on that P word and concept. But if you think about it, it most definitely concerns images, so I need to give it my best shot. A disclaimer is that I was singularly unsuccessful in my brief stint in the said profession. I did make a few memorable images in the Natal war, and promptly had a moral crises when realizing that I along with other unsavoury characters was benefiting from the death of many innocents, and worse feeding a culture of fear. Continue reading


Camera, Lights, Fire..

Group exhibition by three members of Afrapix, Deseni Moodliar, Rafs Mayet and myself, which opened at the ArtSpace Gallery in Durban on the 7th of October and runs until the 26th of October.


‘Bringing Forth Our Own World’

‘Bringing Forth Our Own World’


Living in the glut of images that make up the media that encompasses our consciousness and unconsciousness, it is uncomfortably clear to some of us the extent to which the world’s we are presented with have little resemblance to the one’s we inhabit.

Every so often, this glaring fact smacks me in the face and I’m brought up short and left wondering how on earth it is to be corrected. The simple answer is to go out and make the images that more truthfully reflect the world we know. But as any practicing professional would know, it’s easier said then done. Continue reading