Archival Interview

The digital age allows for new surprises, such as the one I received late last year, which came in the form of a long forgotten interview. This interview, done by Alex Harris and Margaret Sartor, in around 1986, and in the home of David Goldblatt, was done in conjunction with the production of the exhibition and book ‘Beyond the Barricades’.

The interview was brought to my attention by Phd candidate Candice Jansen who is engaged in research towards her doctoral thesis, and is archived at Duke University, North Carolina, USA.

Its always a bit weird hearing oneself many years after the fact, and now, more than 30 years later, I am amazed at the staccato nature of my delivery, but I do take ownership of all I had to say. A warning is that the recording is of poor quality, but is still of use for scholars who are researching into photography and media in that period, and Afrapix in particular. No doubt the interviews of the many other photographers active at the time are also to be found in this archive.





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