On War Porn

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I put off completing this post for several months, while wars raged around the globe, and war photographers and journalists were taken hostage in countries like Syria, held for ransom and a few decapitated live on camera. One reason is I felt torn that perhaps I was being too facetious about a matter of life and death. I’ve thought long and hard about it and returned to my original feelings on the matter, which are as follows:


Well, there I go again on that P word and concept. But if you think about it, it most definitely concerns images, so I need to give it my best shot. A disclaimer is that I was singularly unsuccessful in my brief stint in the said profession. I did make a few memorable images in the Natal war, and promptly had a moral crises when realizing that I along with other unsavoury characters was benefiting from the death of many innocents, and worse feeding a culture of fear. Continue reading