Rorke’s Drift Revisited

Rorke’s Drift is the site of the earliest school for black artists, as well as one of the earliest arts and craft centers in South Africa. It is also the site of a battle associated with the Isandhlwana battlsite in which the British army was defeated by the Zulu’s. The battle of Rorke’s Drift took place immediately after that of Isandlwana, and was lost by the Zulu’s.

The documentary is about another battle, that of the Evangelical Lutheran Church’s Rorke’s Drift Arts and Craft Center, which has experienced many ups and downs in its struggle to survive. This documentary is both an investigation into the trails and tribulations of the development sector through an arts institution, and a tribute to this iconic and legendary South African arts and craft center.




The publication Transitions is one of number of outcomes of an agreement known as the France South Africa Season. This exercise, which took place between 2012 and 2013, was aimed at strengthening relations between the two countries. In 2012 South Africa hosted France and vice versa In 2013. It took place in different areas of each country, covered a wide range of activities in different sectors, including arts and culture, business and investment, science and technology, tourism, sports and education. Continue reading