On Pornography

Recently a good friend’s family was implicated in a scandal involving pornography. I have felt a great deal of empathy for this family, the children of the couple, my friend and the person implicated as well. This has caused me to do some thinking of this phenomenon we call pornography, how it comes about, its place in our world, and the ways in which it affects us amongst other things.

What do we know about pornography? That its taboo, somehow dirty, implicated in prostitution, implicated in child abuse, the abuse of women, implicated in degenerating our morals and ethics, that it is responsible for a great deal of internet traffic, that it is big business etc. How much of the above is true is of course open to speculation because it’s mostly just that, speculation. And this is so because pornography is essentially underground, meaning that it is beyond the pale and therefore not open to investigation. It is elusive. Continue reading

‘Bringing Forth Our Own World’

‘Bringing Forth Our Own World’


Living in the glut of images that make up the media that encompasses our consciousness and unconsciousness, it is uncomfortably clear to some of us the extent to which the world’s we are presented with have little resemblance to the one’s we inhabit.

Every so often, this glaring fact smacks me in the face and I’m brought up short and left wondering how on earth it is to be corrected. The simple answer is to go out and make the images that more truthfully reflect the world we know. But as any practicing professional would know, it’s easier said then done. Continue reading

Digital glut

Digital Glut


I was one of the first to embrace the digital age. When the writing was clearly on the wall, I figured that as a photographer with close on to a hundred thousand negatives, I needed to digitize them and proceeded to do so, buying a Mac in 1996 and a dedicated negative scanner. This was rapidly followed by a web site. My reasoning to go the scanner route first was that because there was still so much of development needed to take place in getting camera’s ‘up to speed’, it made sense to start out on getting my existing archive digitized. Continue reading

Johannesburg’s Rebirth

The period following the release of political prisoners and the un-banning of political organizations in 1990 and the advent of democracy in 1994 brought unprecedented changes to the country in general and the heart of the city of Johannesburg in particular.

The inner-city of Johannesburg was designed by and for the exclusive use of white South Africans. Blacks were to visit by day from their far-flung townships to labour for the white owned and run economy. Continue reading

STADIA; The Ethos of the Day, and Sport as the Opium of the Masses

When one considers Johannesburg recently, what comes to mind are the stadia it boasts. Most cities have stadia, but as befits a city that is the centre of a province that hogs + – 80% of the country’s wealth, it’s are the kick ass of all stadia.

Consider Soccer City; where Cape Town stadium is so non-descript as to be unmemorable, and Durban’s simply reminiscent of a basket, bringing to mind fruit- basket or basket case (having said this, I was brought up to speed in terms of the groundbreaking technical innovation included in all these new stadia, truly first world!). Continue reading